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"Somewhere between emotional and emotionless."

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New Artist Feature: Magugu

Magugu is an upcoming Afrobeat Artist with something different to offer the scene.

Originally from Ajegunle (AJ) a famous ghetto in Lagos, Nigeria, Magugu is currently based in Cardiff, UK.
Rapping in Pidgin English, his distinctive deep voice, smooth flow, sharp delivery, punchlines word play, original and conscious lyrics makes him stand out from the other Afrobeats artistes.
His musical background is influenced by the likes of The Afro-beat Creator Fela kUti, Shabba Ranks Junior and Pretty,Daddy Showkey, Nas, Busta Rhymes, So Solid Crew etc.
Watch out for his debut E.P Na Me Be dropping soon, in the mean time watch “The Intro” video UP above.
Remember where you heard him first!
Follow Magugu on:
Instagram:  Magugu1
Twitter: @1Magugu 
Soundcloud: Magugu1

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I don’t know what the hell this is, but the website is called “But Does it Float” and it has this gem - bunk chairs. 

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I manage to turn everything into crap wow

yes that’s called digestion

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